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President and CEO

Leading Resolution Insight Group Corp, Shawn Ford blends legal and entrepreneurial acumen to guide organizations in strategic risk advisory and crisis management. Focusing on high-stakes scenarios like extortion and reputational risk, particularly for high net worth individuals, he adeptly balances compliance with innovation. Shawn collaborates with investigators, critical risk management experts, psychologists and public relations experts in cross-functional teams to empower your organization, ensuring you’re well-prepared to address uncertainties head-on. 

Shawn works closely with the Critical Risk Team on the global scale to meet clients needs for crisis management, strategic risk advisory, and litigation support. This allows for the client to receive asymmetrical problem solving from a multi-disciplinary team, with deep roots in security risk management, cyber, government, law, intelligence, and media.

Shawn’s commitment to helping clients understand and navigate the complex world of strategic risk, compliance, privacy, and cyber obligations is unparalleled. He recognizes the challenges organizations face in balancing compliance with innovation and growth. With Shawn’s guidance, companies transform these obligations into opportunities, fostering trust and advancing their business objectives.

How May We Help You?

We identify and define problems, collaborate in solution design and implement the most most effective, immediate and sustainable solutions.

Crisis Management | Fixer

In the face of uncertainty, our crisis management services aim to empower your business with proactive planning, effective response mechanisms, and strategic support across organizational and reputational fronts. With a wealth of experience in navigating complex crisis scenarios, we are committed to guiding your business through challenges with resilience.

Strategic Risk Advisory​

With an understanding of the dynamic landscape of modern business, we are here to guide you through strategic risk challenges with a focus on proactive and informed decision-making. We go beyond conventional strategies, offering nuanced insights to help you stay ahead of potential risks.

Litigation Support

Provide tailored nuanced solutions as a comprehensive suite of resources for building strong legal cases and mitigating risks. With our expert investigation services, clients can have confidence in their legal strategy and trust that they have the support they need to succeed.


Work With Us

When dealing with strategic risk advisory and crisis management, it is best to have an experienced team to assist and turn your crisis into an opportunity. See how Resolution Insight Group Corp can guide you and your organization. 

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