Headshot of SF with city background, for Resolution Insight Group in Canada

Shawn Ford stands at the helm of Resolution Insight Group Corp., a cutting-edge strategic risk advisory and crisis management firm, bringing a unique blend of legal acumen and entrepreneurial flair. His experience is deeply rooted in the tech sector, having served as General Counsel for a global health tech company. Shawn’s approach is client-centric, offering business-ready solutions in areas including strategic risk advisory, crisis management, due diligence, and litigation support. His comprehensive advisory services include strategic communications, investigations, due diligence, supply chain analysis, and intelligence research, catering to a variety of specialized needs.

What sets Shawn apart is his experience in dealing with high-stakes situations such as kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, and product contamination. He is a beacon of support for High Net Worth Individuals and Families, providing them with essential protection and emergency response services. His strategy revolves around executive-level planning and response mechanisms, guiding organizations through every stage of a crisis – pre, intra, and post.

Shawn’s commitment to helping clients understand and navigate the complex world of strategic risk, compliance, privacy, and cyber obligations is unparalleled. He recognizes the challenges organizations face in balancing compliance with innovation and growth. With Shawn’s guidance, companies transform these obligations into opportunities, fostering trust and advancing their business objectives.

His role extends to assisting multinational institutions in operationalizing their strategic risk, crisis management, and due diligence requirements. Working closely with executives, integral stakeholders, and legal counsel, Shawn develops comprehensive strategic risk programs, third-party risk programs, and crisis response capabilities. His collaboration with integral stakeholders helps in the effective implementation of risk management programs and in understanding critical risk dynamics. Shawn Ford’s leadership in RIGC not only navigates firms through turbulent times but also steers them towards sustainable growth and resilience.

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